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September 27, 2022
Next ProWo Meeting

Tuesday, October 11, 10am

via zoom

Join us as we check in with each other.

Exhibit: The Work Must Be Done: Women of Color and Voting Rights

Wednesday, September 28, 10am

Let's pay tribute to the women of color who participated in the fight for suffrage and developed a broader movement focused on voting equity. They have been largely forgotten - let's learn about them!

On Wednesday, September 28, 10am we will travel to the State Legislative Office Building, Hartford, to see this exhibit.


Learn more about this exhibit.


The Universalist Church of West Hartford is coordinating a postcard writing initiative through Reclaim Our Vote.  

Reply to and we will connect you!

Support Democracy

Democracy 2022 Connecticut is Common Cause CT's nonpartisan campaign to make sure candidates for statewide office in Connecticut are willing to make our state government work for all of us. They sent a nonpartisan survey out, asking candidates: if elected, what will you do for our democracy?

Here’s how you can help:  

Visit the Democracy 2022 Connecticut website.

Check to see where our reps stand, and remind them to fill out the form if they haven't yet.

Make Sure You Have Your Own Vote Plan




Click here to see if you are registered.
November 1 is the deadline to register.



See who the candidates are in your district. (Some of our district maps have changed - be sure you have the lastest info for what district you are in). Click here to see the list of candidates.


Plan to vote in person or via absentee ballot. You can apply for an absentee ballot because of fear of Covid. Just check the box marked Sickness.

Click here.


You can apply for an absentee ballot anytime. Your town must get the absentee ballot to you by October 7, 2022. You must return the absentee ballot to your Town Clerk’s office by 8pm on November 8, 2022.


Check out the League of Women Voters’ for more information.


Early Voting Ballot Language

Here is the language that will be on our ballots this November. 


“Shall the Constitution of the State be amended to permit the General Assembly to provide for early voting”

The answer is YES!

Talk this up, and get your letters to the editor ready!

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