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Terms of Use
 Terms of Use


This is a summary document of our Terms of Use. It is adopted from the Terms of Use document. Appropriate sections in the Terms of Use document will also apply:

Every time you visit this website, use its services, you accept the following conditions. This is why we urge you to read them carefully.

1. Introduction enables communication among the members of the group, Progressive Women of Greater Hartford (ProWo).

2. Legal Agreement
By visiting our website or using our application and/or services, you are entering into a legal agreement with us, consisting of these Terms of Use, and our additional services’ legal terms.

By using our services, you signify your consent to these terms and you acknowledge that you have read our Privacy Policy. You may not use our services if you do not consent to all our terms.

3. User Account
To use some of our services, you need to create a user account.

You should keep your username and password protected and safe, and only allow people you trust to access your account or website settings. You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your private user details (username and password). You are responsible for all activities that occur under your account or password.

The account information you provide us must be your own and be accurate and complete.

When a user account is disputed, we may determine the ownership of such user account.

We reserve all rights to terminate accounts, edit or remove content and cancel orders in their sole discretion.

4. Communications
The entire communication with us is electronic. If you subscribe on our website, you are going to receive regular emails from us. We will continue to communicate with you by posting news and notices on our website and by sending you emails.

5. Comments, Reviews, and Emails
Registered members of the site may post content as long as it is not obscene, illegal, defamatory, threatening, infringing of intellectual property rights, invasive of privacy, or injurious in any other way to third parties. Content has to be free of software viruses and commercial solicitation. We reserve all rights (but not the obligation) to remove and/or edit such content.

6. Your Obligations
In order to use our services you need to be of a certain legal age of majority, reside and use our services in a permitted location.

In addition, you must ensure that any content you post is legal and reliable, and that anything you do with it is legal.

6.1. You must comply with all applicable laws.
You will be responsible for your actions and for the actions of anyone who accesses your user account or user platform settings.

6.2.  You agree to be nice.
In general, we just want you to be nice, and avoid doing anything that might harm us or anyone else.
Among others, you may not copy our materials, use any content in an illegal or harmful manner, use our services or content on any platform or website not provided by us, make any misrepresentations or abuse our Services, or otherwise violate anyone’s rights or any applicable laws.
Failure to abide by any of these rules may bring us to cancel your account and stop providing you with any services.

7. Content and Ownership
Content published on this website (digital downloads, images, texts, graphics, logos) is the property of and/or its content creators and protected by international copyright laws.

8. Feedback and Suggestions
We welcome any form of feedback or suggestions. If you do provide us with any, please make sure that it is accurate and legal.

9. Privacy
We care about your privacy, and you should too. Please read our Privacy Policy to learn more

10. Cancellation
If you violate any of these terms we may suspend or cancel your account.

11. Third Party Services
Our services may enable you to get various services and tools from third parties that are not affiliated with us.
Since we only act as an intermediary platform between you and such parties, only you will be responsible for your engagements with them.
12. Misconduct and Abuse
If you witness or experience any misconduct or abusive behavior by anyone using our services, please let us know.

13. Disclaimer of Warranties
We make no warranties regarding our services, including their quality, reliability, security, compatibility, and conditions.
However, we are not to be considered a “publisher” of your content, we do not endorse your content, and will not be liable for any content used by you or anyone else.

There are risks in using our services or anyone else’s services. You accept such risks.

Some of our services are still in BETA, and may contain bugs or experience interruptions.

14. Limitation of Liability
Subject to applicable law, we will not be liable for any damages.

15. Indemnity
If we get sued or are otherwise placed in harm’s way because of something you did, you will bear the associated costs and damages.

16. Changes & Updates
We may make changes to our services or to these terms at any time.

17. Governing Law & Jurisdiction; Class Action Waiver
These terms and our relationship shall be governed by the laws of the Connecticut and the State of Israel. Any disputes between us may only be brought before the courts of Tel Aviv, Israel.

18. Relationship
Accepting these terms and services does not form a partnership or any special relationship between us.

19. Entire Agreement
These terms (together with additional terms) shall constitute the sole and entire agreement between us.

20. Severability & Waivers
These terms are independent from each other, in case any of them is found invalid.

21. Interpretation
These Terms of Use are provided only for convenience.
For a legally binding Terms of Use, refer to


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