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Greater Hartford


A room with a view: 

From here, you may gaze outward

And inward at once.

Photo and Haiku by Mary-Jane Eisen

You can share in a conversation with like-minded women --- And then join us for action.

Progressive Women of Greater Hartford is an informal women's group in the Greater Hartford, CT area.

We meet regularly to have conversations about progressive values and issues. We support and encourage each other as we discuss what is important to us---including values such as justice, respect, kindness, gratitude, and patriotism. An important focus for us is structural racism---how it is embedded in our systems, how it impacts our lives, and how we can advocate for change.

We also take action and make our voices heard, either together or by joining other established resistance groups.

Progressive Women
of Greater Hartford

Add your voice to our conversation! We welcome participation by progressive-minded women from the Greater Hartford area.