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How are You Celebrating Earth Day?

Earth Day is Friday, April 22

We hope you will take some time to mark Earth Day on April 22 with a recommitment to protecting our planet in as many ways as you can handle, and maybe even stretching a little out of your comfort zone!

Attend an Earth Day Coffee Hour

April 22, 11am, Sponsored by Sustainable CT Dr. Jonathan Foley, director of Project Drawdown, will be the guest. Make your Earth Day extra special and join us!


Stop CT from Investing in Fossil Fuels

Write our State Treasurer, Shawn Wooden, to stop investing in fossil fuel supporting institutions by adding your e-mail and completing this form.

Compost Food and Treat Your Gardens

Ditch the Plastic Laundry Bottle

One vendor is Earth Breeze, which has a commitment to the environment and social causes. Order now!

Replace Plastic Bags with Mesh Produce Bags

Purchase reusable mesh bags for your produce from a company called Earthwise.

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