Wait...didn't you just vote for a bill that decreased humanitarian aid?

This message from Larson is frustrating. I'm glad he is cosponsoring this bill, but didn't he have a chance earlier this week to demand more humanitarian aid?

Dear Friends,

Yesterday some of my colleagues visited detention facilities along the border where the Trump Administration is holding migrant families and children.

The stories they shared were horrific. This is not who we are as a country. Like you, I am very disturbed by the images coming out of these camps. This Administration has created a humanitarian crisis. This is not how we should be treating anyone, let alone families and children seeking refuge and asylum.

This Administration and Customs and Border Patrol have failed at treating these families with dignity. They are holding families for too long in custody in these influx centers. One of Congress’s main duties is oversight, and we must immediately begin investigations into these mistreatments.

I’m working with my colleagues to put an end to mandatory detention of migrants for simply crossing the border. I am cosponsoring the Dignity for Detained Immigrants Act that would provide much needed oversight to the immigration detention system to ensure an end to the mistreatment of these families and children.

We cannot look away and allow this to continue.

Regards, John B. Larson Member of Congress

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