Voting Rights Vigil - August 6

The League of Women Voters of the US is cosponsoring an effort to host "Shine a Light on Democracy" Voting Rights Vigils. Vigils will shed light on the impact of the 2013 Shelby County v. Holder decision and demand that Congress restore the voting rights protections of the Voting Rights Act by passing the Voting Rights Advancement Act (HR-4).

The Court’s Shelby County v. Holder decision paved a path for states to pass a wave of new restrictive voting laws. Since Shelby, restrictive voting laws have been passed in 20 states.

Voter ID laws, gerrymandering and voter purges are putting up barriers to voting for all people, but especially young people and communities of color.

Join the League of Women Voters of Greater Hartford and ROAR!-West Hartford on Tuesday, August 6 @7:30, Veterans Memorial at the corner of Main St and Farmington, West Hartford.

Bring a friend! Spread the word! RSVP using the link below - or just show up!

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