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Voting bills Need More support!

Voting Rights Act was raised to the House and Senate!

SB 1226

To afford mechanisms for the challenge of certain election administration laws, practices or procedures that may impair the electoral rights of certain protected classes of individuals.

Be sure to let your reps know this is an important bill to you.

Early Voting

Early Voting measures that are being considered by the legislature are unfunded.

Common Cause CT initiated a call-in to Governor Lamont last month. You can still do this: Call the Governor, 860-566-4840, and ask him to fully fund legislation that creates a fair and accessible Early Voting system in time for the 2023 municipal election cycle.

Here’s an idea of what to say: "Hi, this is [YOUR NAME], and I’m calling Governor Lamont from [YOUR TOWN] to urge him to fully fund legislation to make Early Voting fair and accessible.  Thank you, Governor Lamont."  

Common Cause believes that Connecticut voters deserve:

--a funded requirement that cities above 50,000 people provide multiple early voting locations

--a funded option for all other towns to provide multiple early voting locations

funding to educate voters on where and how to vote early

--at least two weeks of Early Voting with weekend and evening hours

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