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Hartford Courant

Letters to the Editor

RE: Stephanie Thomas for Secretary of State

Dear Editor:

A vote for Stephanie Thomas for Connecticut’s Secretary of State is a vote not only for holder of that important office, but also stands as a vote for democracy. Ms. Thomas believes that democracy thrives when ballots cast by everyone eligible to exercise their franchise does so. In a polarized political and cultural environment where voting rights are threatened as are the very foundations of our democratic processes, Ms. Thomas promises to be an ethical steward of the state’s election laws and systems.

Her commitment to integrity will ensure solutions are put forth that improve effective access to the ballot box. To achieve this outcome, Ms. Thomas will continue former Secretary of State Denise Merrill’s push for civic engagement through advocacy that effectuates greater voter participation. Her intention to promote transparency in government will make information on accessing the vote available to Connecticut citizens.

As Vice-Chair of the Government Administration and Elections Committee, Stephanie Thomas co-sponsored the resolution placing an amendment to the constitution to allow for early voting on the November 8th ballot. She deserves your vote because she holds dear democratic tenants evidenced in this action as well as in her regard for integrity of action, advocacy through civic engagement and transparency in government.


Deborah Ducoff-Barone

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