Update on the CT Absentee Voting issue

Thanks to Joan for this excellent update.

ProWo Legislative leader Ltr to Governor
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Good news that you likely have heard - there is action on calling a Special Session to respond to the matter of absentee voting for the November election and police accountability measures.  

I am attaching three letters a) from Legislative majority leaders (Democrats) to Gov. Lamont regarding absentee voting - in this they report they have heard from their constituents - that's us! b) from Legislative majority leaders regarding action on police accountability  c) from the Governor saying that he will call a Special Session once there is a voting majority to pass specific measures.   [Note: Jane can send you b) and c) if you wish to see them] He says "preferably" bipartisan agreement.  The Democrats have majorities in both House and Senate in CT.  I understand however that the House Democrats and the Senate Democrats often are not in sync.  So Lamont is saying that when there are enough votes in hand to pass specific  measures he will call a Special Session.  I understand it will be in July, leaving the rest of this month for legislators to come to agreement.   The absentee ballot measure will be targeted to this November's general election only - it will not be broader.  Indivisible and many other groups advise to maintain that focus - do not try to expand beyond this election and the precipitating cause of the pandemic.   I agree with that.  As you know, unfortunately our state Constitution is the source of CT's restrictive voting procedures.  The state Constitution specifies that voting must occur in person only on election day (so no early voting allowed) unless a voter attests/swears under penalty of law to the existence of one of 6 specific reasons that prevent voting on election day (meaning restricted absentee voting).  Fortunately the Constitution says "illness" as one of those reasons; the Legislature implemented that with the works "his or her" and that is what provides the wriggle room since the Legislature can amend statutes.    Thanks to everyone who took action on this issue.  More opportunities for action will be presenting themselves.  For example, my state Senator is Doug McCrory.  On two recent occasions I have heard him speak to the history of the racist origins of policing in this country.  He also asked in those presentations for support when police accountability measures are being considered.  I sent him a postcard yesterday thanking him for his presentations and telling him he could count on me for support.  

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