Too Close for Comfort

As we approach the midterms, we are seeing that the local races are getting closer. Republican opponents are gaining ground by supporting charter schools, by being vocal for the ‘slipping away’ of parental rights, and by spreading more rhetoric about “safety” and “local zoning control." These are ideas that resonate with low-income voters, but they are not our values! Please help ensure our candidates get elected.

These are the campaigns we are currently supporting. Contact one or more to help.

Let us know if you are working on others!

Contact for more information.

Kate Farrar

Representing West Hartford and Newington

Mike Demicco

Representing Farmington

Julie Kushner

Representing Bethel, Danbury, New Fairfield, Sherman

Jahana Hayes

US Rep for Connecticut's 5th district

We have also been supporting two campaigns in Pennsylvania through Sister District. Contact prowo462@gmail for more information.

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