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This is How We Support Reproductive Rights

We passed the most significant abortion rights legislation in a generation:

The Reproductive Freedom Defense Act.

—Planned Parenthood CT

Rep. Jillian Gilchrest, who is a state representative for many of us in ProWo, took a leadership role in passing this reproductive rights legislation.

Planned Parenthood acknowledges that during the debate, lawmakers spoke about the painful impact of medical racism and Planned Parenthood’s own history of causing irreparable harm to Black, Latino, and Indigenous lives. We are listening to the powerful words shared by Black women in the General Assembly about the irreparable damage to the health and lives of generations of Black women by the reproductive rights movement and the medical field. We acknowledge these injustices as we strive to correct them.

House Bill 5414

An Act Concerning Protections for Persons Receiving and Providing Reproductive Health Care Services in the State

The act expands access to abortion care in CT by updating our laws and regulations to allow advanced practice clinicians (nurse-midwives, advanced practice registered nurses, and physician assistants) to provide aspiration abortion to their patients.
It also shields Connecticut health care providers and anyone forced to travel to our state to receive legal abortion care from targeted attacks and lawsuits from out-of-state politicians.

👏Passed! Signed by Gov. Lamont Check out who voted for this legislation: House


Please contact your Legislators and thank them for their support.

An Easy Lookup: Find Your Legislators

HB 5472

An Act Concerning Sexual Assault and the Absence of Consent.

As society’s understanding of what “consent” means in terms of sexual activity advances, our statutes have not similarly evolved. This bill seeks to define "consent" for purposes of sexual assault statutes and clarify that sexual intercourse without consent is a crime. It recognizes that often, victims of sexual assault suffer trauma that renders them incapable of speech or verbally-indicated free will. 

😞Not passed. Passed by the House but not raised in the Senate.

Senate Joint Resolution 30

Resolution Proposing a State Constitutional Amendment to Recognize a Right of Personal Reproductive Autonomy and Freedom

This will ensure safe and legal abortion choice, if and when the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade. While many of the provisions of Roe are in statute, putting this protection in the state Constitution is a greater guarantee than merely having it in statute.

😞Not passed.

House Bill 5261

An Act Increasing Access to Reproductive Health Care

Connecticut’s physician-only requirement singles out abortion for different treatment without any medical justification. This bill will allow advanced practice clinicians to provide abortion services and increased Medicaid reimbursement. This includes advanced practice registered nurses, nurse-midwives, and physician assistants. Passing this legislation would significantly increase women’s access to reproductive health care, especially in rural areas.

👏Passed! Part of HB 5414

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