Thank you Jane, Action taken

Thank you, Jane, for your recent notes with suggestions for action. I am writing to let you know that I have donated again to the IRC campaign. And posted on Facebook. I also have written to Rep. Larson and Senators Blumenthal and Murphy. I hope all ProWo participants will do the same! Here is the text of the message I wrote which was sent via email through the interface on their office pages. As you will see, I asked for them to hold Town Halls on this topic. It would be beneficial if they heard from (many) more requesting this! Thank you. Joan


Dear Senators Blumenthal and Murphy and Representative Larson:

My wife and I are your constituents residing at 11 Winged Foot Boulevard, Bloomfield 06002. We are writing today to convey our deep and deepening concern related to the actions of the U.S. administration toward refugees and immigrants to this country. This administration is violating human rights every day in the name of the people of this country. I have just read an account of inhumane (understatement) treatment at processing facilities referred to as the “dog pound” and the “freezer”. Additionally, this same account indicated that the intent is to begin using military installations in order to avoid the possibility of access by humanitarian organizations and other oversight entities. Source:

This country is being held hostage by an electoral minority. I am truly sickened by the news which each day is worse and worse. Please reply to the questions that follow:

1. Rep. Larson, what is the House of Representatives, the only branch controlled by the Democrats, doing to intervene in the actions of the DHS? What fiscal levers are available and how can they be used? What other actions can be taken?

2. Senators, what are you doing and what can you do in the Senate?

3. All of you, we request that you hold Town Halls in multiple parts of the state to raise awareness and to provide us with avenues for action. We need to understand the status of the current situation, and what can be done to provide witness to it.

We cannot stress enough that we completely oppose the actions of this administration and are deeply ashamed of it. We write to ensure that the historical record at a minimum reflects the outrage, despair and disgrace that we feel.


Joan E. Twiggs/Irene Scheibner

11 Winged Foot Boulevard

Bloomfield, CT 06002

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