Suffrage Movement and racism - Part 1

Hi, everyone, as you may remember, a few months ago we met with the Chief of Staff for Secretary of State Merrill. During that conversation we discussed the 19th Amendment and its language. While the language of the 19th Amendment is race neutral, and thereby includes all women, it is also true that Black women in the South were disenfranchised via state constitutions, laws, and violence just as Black men had been following the ratification of the 15th Amendment to the US Constitution. I decided to do some research to expand my knowledge of African American suffragists and their reception by white suffragists. I then wrote a letter to the League of Women Voters with a copy to Secretary Merrill. (The LWV is also celebrating its centennial next year as it is the successor organization of the National Woman Suffrage Association.) For your potential interest, I am sharing my letter on the website. I will have to do that by saving the letter in image format and will need to add a new post for page 2! At any rate, if you'd read this far, you are committed. Page 1 follows and Page 2 in separate post. Page 2 includes the list of resources I've been reading.

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