Public Hearings This Week

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Monday, March 11: Connecticut Judiciary Committee will hold public hearings on proposed gun violence prevention legislation. Please attend!

The NRA and CCDL will be there in large numbers. We need to be there in numbers as well.

Please register with Connecticut Against Gun Violence (CAGV) if you are able to attend OR you can submit written testimony. CAGV will send talking point when you do.

CAGV is the only gun violence prevention organization in the state that focuses specifically on Connecticut but also has a national impact. This organization participates directly with the writing and creation of CT’s gun violence prevention laws. This includes the post Sandy Hook laws and the ban on bump stocks, which, with ATCT support, was passed last year. Let’s partner with them to do it again.

Wednesday, March 13 1/ Join me on Wednesday, March 13, 1pm, to attend the public hearing on the Early Voting House Join Resolution 161. Come see how it works! Just our presence will be a statement. Let me know if you can join me.

2/ Submit written testimony on why you support early voting.

From Tiffani McGuiness of Action Together CT: If you want to submit written testimony, please send an email to Your testimony will need to be in Word or PDF Format. Put Early Voting Testimony in the Subject line and please include your name and contact info in the testimony and the body of the email.

3/ Provide oral testimony on March 13.

See ProWo's webpage on Legislation for information about the bill and more guidelines on providing testimony.

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