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Notes from our Zoom meeting Tuesday, April 7, 2020 Ruth J, Nancy M, Kathy D, Lucy F, Tami G, Mary Jane E, Connie W, Carol P, Michelle S, Joan T, Lena S, Carol P We checked in with each other on how we are faring and what political actions we are taking at home. What we are doing/thinking: Exploring the issue of food and food distribution Concerned about the gig economy How to allocate our retirement funds - children? organizations in need? candidates? Donated money to Zohara restaurant - they are donating food to first responders Doing meditation every day Created gratitude journal Connecting with neighbors Writing postcards to current campaigns through Postcards to Voters Making phone calls to voters in Wisconsin Volunteering in medical field, children with disabilities, GHIAA Supporting Foodshare Writing to Gov. Lamont - need to continue physical distancing Letter to Joe Biden to be more visible Cooking Walking Reading Other thoughts: Try to refinance - rates are low Older citizens are most susceptible to isolation We discussed: 1/ Situation in Wisconsin 2/ Joe Biden is he making enough public appearances how is the press treating him vs moron (Did anyone see Biden on Cuomo show Tuesday night?) 3/ Discussion of role of media We decided ProWo should send a letter to NYT Lucy will draft 4/ We should reach out to our grassroots counterparts. We should engage together with focused activities and statements Recommended reading:

Read Heather Cox Richardson daily blog Final thoughts: Rebecca Solnit: Paraphrased from Rebecca-Can not allow our mindset to lose hope. Who knows how each of us might change the world? Read her words directiy: Rabbi Tami: Remember that Passover and Easter are holidays of hope. Happy holidays to all!

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