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Progressive Women, June 16 via Zoom

Susan F., Connie, Susan W., Rhonda, Mary-Jane, Tami, Lucy, Michelle, Kathy D., Ruth G., Barbara S., Debra, Nancy, Lena, Judy, Sue F., Jane Z.

We took a moment to celebrate the momentous decision by the Supreme Court - firing someone for being LGBTQ is a violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. A spark of light in the midst of so much darkness.

We remembered Ruth Lee Silver, a member of ProWo.

Jane sent a check in her memory to CTCORE Organize Now! on behalf of our group. (This was one of the organizations suggested in her obituary. If you want to contribute, my next email will give more info).

ProWo is holding a fundraiser for Joe Biden. Susan W., Tami, and Mary-Jane organized the event.


Tuesday, June 30 7pm, about 1 hour

Our goals are to:

--Raise money for the Biden campaign

--Raise women’s consciousness of why it is crucial to support Joe Biden now and vote for him in November

--Reach out to younger women who may not be politically engaged

We ask every ProWo member to donate and join in the fundraiser. Please show your support.


A letter you can send to your network

A flyer (designed by graphic designer Roger Niland)

An image for social media

Donate: biden


Susan will lead the meeting. Mary-Jane and Tami will moderate the questions in the chat.

Dr. Becky Eleck will be our featured speaker. She is a practicing physician in community medical services and the mother of two young children.

During the program, we will ask participants to write why we are voting for Joe Biden on a sheet of paper. We will hold up the sheets. We tried it at our meeting, and it was a powerful statement.

The event will be recorded.

Ideas & Suggestions:

Michelle knows another graphic designer who has offered to help create MP4s. Michelle will followup.

We should not have screen shots in a large zoom meeting. It increases the chance of zoom freezing.

The Biden campaign does not offer a lot of support for grassroots events. Lucy offered to research some campaign materials we could utilize.

Could we have a visual to leave people with?

Jane will look into updating the website to give more info on how to join ProWo.

Publicity for this fundraiser is going out to IndivisibleCT, Action Together CT, Sister District. If anyone else has other ideas, please let Jane know.

We should try to grab the youth movement, which is so active now. But currently, most young people have BLM on their minds, and not the November election. We still need to get the ball rolling now and try to create a broad-based support for Biden.

Stacy Abrams made a great comment on “what are our asks”? This can be found in “Where Do We Go From Here?” in the second episode.

During the fundraiser, we should avoid answering questions about specific Biden policies. Refer to Biden website.

We could ask “What are you personally going to do to get Biden elected?”

We want to engage other women and raise their enthusiasm to be part of a winning team. It will be a difficult election, but we have others around us for support.

Other announcements

IndivisibleCT is organizing postcards for Iowa to defeat Joni Ernst. More info will be forthcoming from Ruth G.

ROAR is planning to hold voter registrations at food banks. There are several options on how to distribute the information. Jason Jakubowski, the President and CEO of Foodshare, is a West Hartford resident and might be a source for info. If you have thoughts you can share, let me know and I will pass on to Connie. Connie will keep us posted.

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