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Joan T, Judy L, Michelle s, Nancy M, Rhonda H, Connie W, Lena S, Susan F, Dawn E, Jane Z, Carol P, Susan W. ProWo Notes March 31, 2020 We shared lots of links. I’ve posted them to our website under “File Share” Right now this section of the website is open to anyone. Eventually I will be restricting the File Share section to members only. This will allow members to post to File Share without having to go through me first. Links for Actions You Can Take: —How to make masks (Look under Take Action - Masks). —Michelle is promoting her idea that former Presidents need to step up and create a “Marshall Plan.” We can support this by writing to our reps. Check it out under Take Action - Marshall Plan (Great letter, Michelle!) —Joan let us know that the Secretary of the State, Denise Merrill, wants Gov. Lamont to lift statutory restrictions on absentee voting during this public health crisis. You can send a letter to the Governor. Check it out under Voting - Absentee Ballots —Joan also encourages us to spread the message that everyone can register to vote online. Learn more under Voting - Registering Voters We had a general conversation, too, about politics and how we are all faring: We talked about how we hear from the moron all the time, but not from Biden, past presidents, etc. Joan said Biden is streaming events on his website. Gov. Andrew Cuomo is rising as our leader. Counter to this notion: Gov. Jay Inslee is the real leader. Read this opinion piece in “Read” We talked about the importance of starting on a local level. Connie mentioned her amazing neighborhood that has a list serve and is making “social distance” connections. 
Judy offered to reach out to Mayor Shari Cantor and ask if she has any ideas about what our group can do. Some sources for news and updates: CT Mirror is a great source for Connecticut news. Digital Hartford Courant Senator Murphy COVID-19 Update NPR Covid Update Other things we can do: Make a list of people you want to contact every day, and call them. Start a gratitude journal Virtual baking Virtual seders (CBI is offering several: Virtual shiva Give a “little something” to your grocery store cashier (eg candy treat) Yoga classess [You can see additional training opportunities under “Training”

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