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Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Thursday, May 30, 2019


- We all go back and forth on this issue

- Pelosi is smart - should we trust her?

- But — Principles are at stake - has our democracy been hijacked?

- Watching Fox News cover the impeachment discussion - insanity

- Similarities with the TV show Braindead

- Indivisible is supporting impeachment

- Dems need to make a case for impeachment across the country; use the clear

statements of Rep. Justin Amash

- When is there going to be some traction in either getting the information Dems are

asking for, or penalties for ignoring subpoenas?

- Dems have to bring to courts

- The narrative of this administration: Vanquish my enemies

2020 Election

- How do we feel about Biden?

- The 2016 election was sabotaged by Russia; why do people not hear that?

Sister District

- We in Hartford area are gearing up now for this year’s out of state elections

- Group has great energy

- Interested in helping? Email Jane


- This is the ultimate divide/distract

- So far, courts have blocked state suppressions

- What does this all say about our country ?

• We are hijacked; gerrymandered; voter suppressed

Gun Violence

- The story of Shannon Watts is powerful - how she learned to “Fight like a Mother”

- There is a rally in Newtown, Sunday June 2

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