ProWo Meet Up Notes


June 10, 2019

Kirsten and baby Emmy, Rhonda, Michelle, Carol, Lena, Ellen, Jane


-24 people have died in detention centers

-This weekend is an action weekend to protest detention centers for children

We are outraged that tax dollars are being used for this

Actions we can take

-Call or send letter to your Senators and Representative

Senator Richard Blumenthal - 860-258-6940 and 

Senator Chris Murphy - 860-549-8463:  

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro - 203-562-3718

Congressman Joe Courtney - 860-886-0139

Congresswoman Jahan Hayes - 860-223-8412  

Congressman Jim Himes - 203-333-6600

Congressman John Larson - 860-278-2111

Script: I am a constituent from XXXX. I know that the representative/senator shares my horror at the deaths, maltreatment and denial of basic human rights that immigrants of all ages are enduring in government detention. We cannot allow the administration to continue to commit crimes against humanity in our name. Will s/he promise to oppose all additional funding requests for ICE detention facilities? Will s/he promise to advocate for additional funding for the immigration court system to hear asylum cases rapidly? Will s/he demand accountability for government employees and contractors complicit in the deaths and abuse of migrants under their control?

If the answer is "yes" to any of these questions: What will s/he do today, because the suffering is happening right now? (Thanks from Shoreline Indivisible)

2. Sign the petition

3. Come join us at Congregation Beth Israel, Friday, June 14, 7:30pm. Courtyard Shabbat with Guest Speaker Rabbi Herbert Brockman

Rabbi Brockman, Rabbi Emeritus from Congregation Mishkan Israel will speak about his experience in advocacy and community organizing. Rabbi Brockman has been a leader in the world of social justice for many years and we are honored he will join us this Shabbat.

We will join the Religious Action Center of the URJ's effort to #EndChildDetention this weekend to express solidarity with those in Homestead at our Shabbat Service.

3. Donate to our Crowdrise fund for the International Rescue Committee

What else?

-Boycott Fox advertisers (some of us weren’t sure this is effective)

Leading Fox advertisers:

-We know people who have gone to the border and who have visited detention centers. We talked about inviting them to one of our meetings.

-Find a family we can help; work locally

Good News

-Trust Act passed

-Senator Saud Anwar is a hero - he advocated for a law to have doctors’ offices have defibulators

-Great quote: Church Pastor Jan Carlsson-Bull: justice is a marathon and not a sprint.

-Sujitno Sajuti has been able to leave sanctuary


-Kirsten offered a fundraiser through her H20 products. We could have a spa party and/or a demo party to clean someone’s house. Jane will get info and send to everyone.

Presidential election

-We love Elizabeth Warren!

There is nothing to safeguard our elections

-We are up against a lot.

-Bethlehem PA - is a bellweather city

-We need to get Senate to flip and Ruth Bader Ginsburg to stay well

-We discussed the pros and cons of impeachment

Art Project

-We have been invited to participate in an exhibit at the JCC titled Welcome the Stranger. Carol and Lena are chairing this. Their idea is to do a collage of international recipes. We’ll be reaching out to you soon!

Democratic debates

-Will be held on Wednesday, June 26 and Thursday, June 27 9pm.

-We will be meeting after the debates to discuss.

Articles we mentioned

US opens new mass facility in Texas for migrant children

Hooray San Antonio
San Antonio’s response to the arrival of thousands of immigrants

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