ProWo Conversation

May 14, 2019

Discussing: Kathy, Ellen, Jane, Rhonda, Michelle, Marcia

Here are notes from our conversation. Please comment with your own notes! (Feel free to correct or enhance).


Presidential Candidates

  • Suggest that Dems unify around 5 candidates

  • June 26 & 27 in Miami — first set of debates

  • We are impressed with: Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Seth Moulton

  • We should have a summit to discuss a framework of issues and try to come to a consensus

  • We should ask the question: can the candidate clean up the mess?

  • A good scenario with this many candidates would be to have a brokered convention. Delegates go to convention and pledge. If no agreement after first round of voting, go to next round, negotiating until reach a compromise for a candidate.

  • We asked: how are delegates selected in Connecticut?

  • Progressive women should be delegates

Vaccinations and religious freedom

  • There are many Connecticut residents who are anti-vaxxers

  • This is because they are not keeping up with information

  • And also “Religious freedom” (Grrr)

  • It’s true: Russians spread anti-vax info

  • A perspective from Rep. Jillian Gilchrest: We have a lot of personal freedoms but policies in place address safety issues that limit personal issues. Speed limit, seat belts, etc. We have to set policy around greater good. Thinking, caring citizens have to draw the lines.

  • Vaccinations are public health issues

Gun Safety

  • Gun violence is also a public health issue

  • Did you know: AR-15s are made in New Britain

  • Update on gun bills:

  • Good news! The CT House of Representatives passed Ethans Law, HB 7218; Storage of a gun in a motor vehicle, HB 07223; Ghost Guns, HB 07219

  • Now bills go to State Senate

  • Contact your Senator! Especially Sen. Witkos (Republican) representing Avon and Simsbury

  • Connect with CT Against Gun Violence. They are excellent; very well coordinated, great communicators.

  • Stay informed:

We are ANTI being anti

  • Everything now is anti-something or other. Don’t go down that trap. We need to respect one another. Don’t infringe on each other’s rights

  • What does it mean to be inclusive?

  • We are tribal. We constantly define boundaries. Do some self-reflection: What are your boundaries and why are they there?

Abortion Bans

  • War against women

  • Attacks are partly a consequence of women not being informed. Stay informed and vote!

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