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Primary Elections Coming Up!

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

This Primary Election is for registered Democrats, for the offices of Secretary of State and Treasurer.

Absentee ballots available July 19.

You are allowed to use fear of Covid as a reason to obtain an absentee ballot. Just check sickness.

Ballots are available at your Town Hall, or use this website link:

Secretary of the State *Stephanie Thomas 81 William St., Norwalk, CT 06851 Maritza Bond 784 Quinnipiac Avenue, New Haven, CT 06513

Treasurer *Erick Russell 215 Stevenson Road, New Haven, CT 06515 Dita Bhargava 502 Cognewaugh Road, Greenwich, CT 06807 Karen DuBois-Walton 58 Pearl Street, New Haven, CT 06513

Some Links to Learn More About These Candidates:

Stephanie Thomas:

Maritza Bond:

Erick Russell

Dita Bhargava

Karen Dubois-Walton

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