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Pick a Fair Fight

We are participating in "Pick a Fight: An Activist Fair," hosted by IndivisibleCT. Scheduled Sunday, September 11, from 2-4pm on the front lawn of West Hartford Town Hall, the event will feature speakers representing progressive causes such as gun safety, voting rights, reproductive freedom, and more. We'll also have opportunities to sign up for activities like phone banking, door-knocking, letter-writing, and peer-to-peer texting in support of those causes and Democratic candidates in Connecticut and key battleground states like Georgia, Arizona, and elsewhere.

We’re inviting EVERY grass roots group, all of our friends and allies, to join us so you can meet them and decide which action fits you. Want to write postcards and letters? Come to this fair and you’ll have lots of opportunities to do it so it fits your schedule. Want to knock on doors? We’ll get you hooked up and confident. Phone banking? Pick a cause. Every group will offer some version.

Want to knock doors with a candidate? They’ll be there. Pick a race that your energy can affect. CT has some VERY CLOSE races. We need every one of you to do a little thing.

Know a group that would like a table and some exposure? Put us in touch. Invite them. You get a table and you get a table and…….well, you get it. Let’s win

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