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Notes from our Zoom Meeting

May 5, 2020

Linda S., Mary Jane E., Rhonda H., Debbie D., Susan W., Michelle S., Nancy M., Heidi G., Tami G., Judy L., Kathy D., Connie W. Welcome Debbie Ducoff-Barone Michelle and Rhonda’s letter to the editor was published in the Hartford Courant. They received an excellent response. We also got a “MAGA” email. See both the letter and the email below. Today is Giving Tuesday. Reminder to pick a favorite non-profit to support. We discussed the possibility of our group donating to a non-profit every month. Judy is exploring this, and Heidi will offer her expertise. We discussed the sexual assault charge against Biden - should he resign? Are we settling if we support Biden? Do we have different standards for different victims (eg Christine Blasey Ford)? Our thoughts ranged from we are not enamored with Biden as a candidate, to acknowledging that his policy positions strongly align with ours and, unlike Trump, he does not have patterns of behavior with this kind of sexual assault. No candidate is perfect. We want to believe women, but we can also agree women may not be telling the truth; we can be pragmatic just like everyone else. We have no way of knowing what really happened. We need to consider how Biden handles the accusation. It is too late for the Democratic party to turn to another candidate. A strong VP will help him. A proposal was made to plan a ProWo fundraiser for Biden. Susan W., Mary Jane, and Tami offered to work on this. Additional notes Amy McGrath is an excellent candidate in Kentucky - challenging McConnell Recommended article: How Greenwich Republicans Learned to Love Trump Mrs. America on Hulu is recommended. Next meetings!

Tuesday, May 12, 7pm

Join Rep Jillian Gilchrest and other grassroots activists

Zoom log on required - please let me know that you can come

Wednesday, May 13, 5pm

Join Sister District CT #1 in the launch of our campaign for Jonathan Kassa

Zoom log on required - please let me know that you can come

To do: Write postcards for North Carolina. Let Jane know if you want some. Take the Indivisible pledge The Trump administration’s response to the COVID-19 epidemic hasn’t done nearly enough to help working people. We’re calling on members of Congress to make a public commitment to vote NO on the next coronavirus response legislation unless it is a true People’s Agenda for relief. Write your reps and Gov. Lamont to demand expansion of absentee voting From the League of Women Voters (thanks Joan):
“We urge the Governor to issue an executive order that eliminates current restrictive language in the absentee ballot statutes during this emergency. We also urge the Governor to call the General Assembly into Special Session to provide the legal authority to eliminate this restrictive language during the entire 2020 election season. CLICK HERE to send a letter to the Governor urging him to take the two actions above.” Letter to the Editor to Hartford Courant National emergency requires united leadership Our country desperately needs nothing less than a national Marshall Plan to address the full scope of the COVID-19 epidemic: proliferation and diagnosis, treatment, social impacts and economic recovery. The Trump White House task force is clearly not up to the enormous challenges facing the country, and each new piece of legislation proposed by Congress is undone by partisan bickering. We applaud Bloomberg Philanthropies for facilitating a virtual meeting between President Obama and the nation’s mayors on April 9, but that’s just a start. What we really need is a coming together of all our living past presidents to devise a comprehensive, actionable, reality-based list of federal priorities that would constitute an effective counter-proposal to the piecemeal, disjointed non-plan put forth by the current administration. Only a panel of former presidents, supported and informed by any public health and economic advisors they would tap, have the combined wisdom, experience, and specific knowledge of federal resources and processes to help us emerge whole from this pandemic and its repercussions. Only a bipartisan panel of former presidents have the moral authority to devise a comprehensive plan, take the roadmap to Congress, and get leaders of both parties to engage productively. Media entities could publicize the plan and win public support. This is an epic battle that bridges partisan and class divides. Rich states should not be competing with poor states for limited national resources. It is the policy of past Presidents to stay silent and not criticize the current administration. But this unprecedented ongoing national emergency requires bold, vocal leadership, not restraint. Michelle Souza and Rhonda Heisler, Hartford _________________________________________________________________ From: XXXXX Subject: Disgusted by Your Article, "National Emergency Requires Unity" Date: April 30, 2020 at 8:14:02 PM EDT To: I read your article in the Hartford Courant. I sent in a response, but the Courant, in true form, only prints editorials by Anti Trumpers like yourselves. First of all, you state that the Trump Administration is not capable of handling this corona virus pandemic. Really???? He has been responsible for the biggest medical mobilization of all time. He has been holding daily briefings to inform the American people. He has conferenced with the governors of all fifty states asking them what they need and delivering it to them. Many hospitals have been set up. He has sent military hospital ships to New York and California. He has sent military personnel to support the doctors and nurses. He supported and signed the CARES Act to help our the American people while Nancy Pelosi insisted on millions for the Arts and for refugees. If you want to talk about partisan bickering, look at Nancy Pelosi. That was money which, at the time, could have been used for ventilators. You praise Bloomberg Philanthropies for setting up a virtual meeting between Obama and mayors of cities. Again, Really??? What the heck is Obama meeting with mayors for? He is not president anymore. All he is doing is trying to undermine President Trump. Obama, lost for the Democrats, the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. He should go to Hawaii or Martha's Vineyard and STAY THERE! He was the most corrupt president ever. If the American people knew all the things that Obama did behind their backs and the billions that it caused the taxpayers of this country, they would be shocked. Obama's FBI, DOJ, and CIA have tried to overthrow a duly elected president. This really is treason! Lastly, you state that a panel of former presidents can solve this pandemic problem. I have news for you---neither Clinton, Bush,nor Obama could do the job that this president has done. One of the best things that President Trump did was to stop flights from China, otherwise there would have been many more deaths. The Democrats criticized him for this. President Trump loves this country and he is doing the best to keep Americans safe. All I can say is, I am so glad, that if this pandemic had to happen, it happened on President Trump's watch. Things are getting better--and it's all because of him.

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