Early Voting

Hi, everyone, I hear from the League of Women Voters that the Early Voting initiative is likely to come to the floor next week. They are encouraging all of us activists to contact their representatives. Following is the email I wrote to mine. Best wishes for Passover!

"Dear xxx, 

I am writing to communicate my strong support for the Early Voting initiative under discussion in the State.  I believe it is past time for CT to move forward with early voting.  I know that it is a lengthy process here in CT as it requires changes to the Constitution.  I wish the last legislature had passed this initiative so that this vote would be the second legislature to approve - but I assume the votes were not there in the Senate.  

I consider our state's lack of early voting to constitute structural voter suppression in that our current "election day only" voting is a structural impediment to many people to be able to cast their vote."

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