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Dan Williams--Solid Guy, Fragile Incumbent

We are proud to add our support Rep. Dan Williams, D, 74th District in Pennsylvania.

We have joined Sister District MA-RI in phonebanking each week for this candidate.

Why are we involved?

The boundaries of the 74th District changed in the newly-enacted PA state legislative House map. His seat is a must-hold for Democrats; we’ll be hard-pressed to find a pathway to a majority in the PA House without re-electing him.

From the right to vote to same-sex marriage to abortion access, the fight for a progressive future has always been led by grassroots organizers at the state level. State policy becomes national policy, state leaders become national leaders, and states are the bulwark against an activist Supreme Court and chaos at the federal level.

Phonebanking has been shown to be effective tool to reach voters. We are doing the work that needs to be done to get Rep. Williams re-elected!

Read more about Rep. Williams here:

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