Conversation on September 10

Lucy, Ruth, Kirsten, Lena, Ellen, Laura, Kathy, Joan, Jane, Michelle

Quick notes

We had an engaging conversation about how many liberties we have lost, and how many continue to be chipped away. We discussed why this is happening. Are people indifferent? Are they tired? Do they struggle just to manage their household, school, and jobs?

We wondered how effective rallies and our protest events are. Do they really make a difference in changing national policy?

We’d like Senator Murphy to be more clear in his communications on who is responsible for blocking gun control efforts. He should push fellow senators to bring to legislation to a vote, and make sure their constituents know how their reps are voting.

We ended our conversation committed to continue the fight. If we don’t keep our voices loud, authoritarians automatically win. We have to remember that major social change in our country — civil rights, gay rights, and to some extent, feminism (straight white women did not embrace feminism) — took a long time to make a difference. Change takes a long time - we are planting seeds. We can’t have high expectations that we can change things around quickly.

Keep engaged!

Recommended reading

This Fight is our Fight —  The Battle to Save America's Middle Class

by Elizabeth Warren

Recommended news sources

Washington Post, New York Times, NPR

Recommended rallies

1/ We the People March, September 21 in Washington, DC. Who wants to join Kathy D and Jane?

Hosts in DC are willing to lodge activists.

DC March Lodging

2/ The climate strike is the day before in DC (also in Hartford, at the Capitol).

Recommended organization

Never Again - national organization. Founded by Jews, trying to shut down ICE.

Recommended voice for climate change

Greta Thunberg - 16 year old activist on the spectrum

Definitely worth watching her Ted Talk! She is a unique voice. (She also addressed UN about climate change).

“No one is acting like we are in a crisis”

“We do need hope. But one thing we need more than hope is action”

Recommended short video clip of Nancy Pelosi

The perfect answer about gun control efforts

Recommended mantras:

Connecticut is a great place to live!

Change is good!

He will not win!

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