Conversation March 10

Nancy, Kathy, Michelle, Tami, Diana, Kirsten, Susan, Ruth, Alison, Jane

We had a discussion around the presidential election and social media's impact. Our country is polarized with extremes, especially with social media. Dems need to bring us together. We do have a lot of agreement on so many things, we just have to focus on them. Reps are preying on people's fears that we will become socialized.

Social media - who posts? If you see a post that is offensive, do you unfollow? Discussions on social media cause polarization, ends up shutting down dialogue. It is horrible for our children. It gives people permission to say whatever and be cruel - no accountability.

Kirsten played video, Opinion Rhapsody. So well said!

[Note: there is a national group, Better Angels, that is trying to bridge the partisan divide: Nothing going on in CT, but you can start a group here, if you are inspired!]

Big worry: we will not show up at polls. Will Sanders people stay home? Some Dems can't vote because of voter suppression.

Some of us find a division with lifelong friends who support the current admin. Support for the admin centers on: Finances look better, better support for Israel, various immigrationtion issues.

It has been noticed, though, that even arch conservatives are starting to acknowledge the crisis of this administration.

We talked about where we want to focus our energies: state/local/federal?

There is a strong need to support CT Democratic legislators. We need to keep our state legislature and our Federal reps blue! Rep. Jahana Hayes is vulnerable.

What is happening at state level, even with Dems? E.g., Non-profits are lobbying for more money - financially struggling. They held a press conference - only 1 Dem stood by, when in the past there would have been a wall of Dems. Is it constant focus on budget?

Is Lamont a weak governor? He has a huge learning curve, doesn't surround himself with people with knowledge. Tolls issue was a disaster.

We discussed the welfare liens repeal bill sponsored by GHIAA and agreed to write and sign testimony in favor.

Other possible avenues:

Sister District, writing postcards.

Sister District welcomes you to do phonebanking this Sunday, March 15 and/or discuss the book "All Politics is Local" on Sunday, March 29.

Consensus seemed to be that all action on all levels is important and we like to be aware of the many choices so we can decide where to put our efforts.

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