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ProWo is going to focus its efforts through this summer and fall on supporting candidates in the November elections who will fight for reproductive rights, voting rights, sensible gun safety, and mitigating climate change. Here are some ways to get started.

You Can Help By...


Reclaim our Vote

ProWo is collaborating with the Social Justice Ministry of the Universalist Church of West Hartford to work with Reclaim our Vote (ROV). ROV works in voter suppression states. Volunteers inform and mobilize voters of color to help them navigate the rules for registration, absentee balloting, early and election-day voting, and how to get a ballot and vote. Postcards are provided. You pay for the postage. ROV is nonpartisan. ROV is an initiative of Center for Common Ground,


Read more about postcarding with Reclaim our Vote.

CAGV Pen Power Project

We are collaborating with CT Against Gun Violence. Please click here to sign up for the Pen Power Project, a get-out-the-vote letter writing campaign to ensure we elect state lawmakers who will vote to keep us safe from gun violence.



Reclaim Our Vote

Leave voice messages for voters with instructions on how to navigate the rules for voting in their state.

We are partnering with the Universalist Unitarian Church of West Hartford. Reclaim our vote concentrates on southern states (and Arizona) and on voters of color. They are very sophisticated in developing their lists. It is non-partisan.


Center for Common Ground

Support Rep. Dan Williams

Work on an actual campaign! Help out Rep. Dan Williams, of the 74th District in Pennsylvania by having conversations with voters. We are collaborating with the Sister District MA/RI.

Here is an example: one person dialed 52 numbers in one hour. Most were no answer, but she did have a personal conversation with 2 voters who were undecided. Now the Williams campaign will followup with them.

This is how phonebanking works: phone call by phone call, voter by voter.

Sister District is a grassroots organization that aims to build enduring progressive power in state legislatures across the country, to improve people’s lives, and support Democrats by filling critical gaps at every point in the political life cycle.


Additional links

Re-elect Dan Williams for State Representative

Sister District


Voter Registration Booths

You can work with League of Women Voters of Greater Hartford and the grassroots group Call to Action with a voter registration booth at Open Streets. ​ Open Streets temporarily opens streets to people in Hartford by making them vehicle-free and providing opportunities for healthy activities such as bike riding and exercise. Known as DominGO! Hartford, the Sundays are scheduled on June 26, July 24, August 28, and September 25, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Time slots are 9 to noon or noon to 3pm.

Contact:; we will connect you with the organizer, Call to Action.


Women Supporting Women PAC

This PAC works to elect pro-choice Democratic women to Connecticut’s local, state, and statewide elected offices to achieve at least 50% representation. It was founded by Rep. Jillian Gilchrest, 18th district.

Donations up to $1,000 can be made to Women Supporting Women PAC and sent to 360 Quaker Lane North, West Hartford, CT 06119.


Organizations for Abortion Protection and Reproductive Rights

National Network of Abortion Funds--

An Act Blue initiative that supports 91 non-profit recipients.

Keep Our Clinics--

Supports small, community-based clinics to cover tangible expenses like increased security, building repairs, legal fees, and community education and advocacy.

Repro Legal Helpline--

Provide legal information and support to people navigating complex laws in order to self-determine their reproductive lives.

Apiary for Practical Support--

Provides operational, programmatic, and community support tailored to the particularities, complexities, and concerns of abortion access practical support organizations.


Volunteer to be a Poll Worker

Choose to volunteer at the CT primary and general elections this year to help make sure in-person voting is safe and all eligible votes are counted. Lawyers and law students are encouraged to volunteer. After you submit the form, your information will be transmitted to the registrars of voters and they will contact you if they need help on Election Day!

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