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Dear Progressive Women,

We learned a lot about the immigration system last night with our guest, Attorney Eva Jacobson. Thank you to everyone who participated, and thank you, Rhonda, for being such a gracious host.

We talked about addressing policy issues and electing the right representatives as ways of making changes in the immigration system. These are long term strategies that will take time and care and patience.

In the meantime, here is something you can do today.

Contact ICE and demand the release of Wayzaro Walton.

Wayzaro (“Taz”)  is a West Hartford resident. She came here around 4 years old with her family. She had a green card for 25 years. She had a shoplifting conviction as a teen and paid her dues. She married an American citizen and she and her wife have a daughter at Hall High School. Taz received a full pardon from the state of Connecticut for her shoplifting offense. So she has no record. None. She has done everything ICE has required of her while pursuing her options to gain her legal status.

ICE rejects Tau’s pardon because it is from our Board of Pardons and not from a Governor. (CT uses a Board of Pardons to evaluate pardon applications rather than a Governor).

Governor Lamont has already sent a letter of objection to Homeland Security.

Now it is our turn to speak out.

Below are the details on how you can contact ICE.  Thanks, Ellen, for forwarding to me. 

I will also try to write a letter on behalf of ProWo later tonight, if enough of you are willing to sign on. Let me know.

But please also contact ICE.

thank you.


Sent: Monday, April 1, 2019, 2:10:51 PM EDT Subject: (General Immigration Team) 💪 Action Needed: Demand that ICE release Wayzaro (Taz) and grant her a stay!

From: Hartford Deportation Defense / Defensa contra las Deportaciones

Time to call and write letters to the ICE sub-office in Hartford. Know that they will tell you your action has no impact—that's NOT TRUE.




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