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CIRC’s highest cause is to promote the rights and opportunities of immigrants and refugees in Connecticut as well advocating for just, sensible immigration reform at the federal level. Currently, CIRC is raising money to reunite Afghan families with their relatives in CT.

Immigrant parents in our area are unable to buy winter clothes for their kids after paying bills and expenses. Your donation to United Action CT will enable families to buy exactly what they need.

Checks are also greatly appreciated and can be made out to United Action CT. Add Winter Clothes for Kids in the subject line of the check so it will be routed to this fund. Mail to United Action CT (UACT)19 South Canal Street, Plainville, CT 06062.

Any financial amount that you can contribute will be greatly appreciated and is tax deductible as UACT is a 501c3 organization.

Recommended by Rhonda.
Please consider making a generous donation to the Jewish Community Center of Krakow (Poland). We visited Krakow in 2018 and executive director Jonathan Ornstein welcomed us warmly. For the past two weeks Jonathan has been at the Poland-Ukraine border helping coordinate humanitarian efforts. "Each day the refugees who arrive in Krakow require more and more support. They are coming from war-torn cities and small, impoverished villages scattered across the Ukrainian countryside. JCC Krakow is working around the clock to welcome these refugees to our city and help them feel some sense of normalcy and security."


—>> YOUR GIFT will directly help Ukrainian refugees in Krakow and people in Ukraine affected by war.

When donating, please write “Ukraine” in the comment box.

This is our opportunity to donate directly to people in need. HDD is an immigrant-led community group to fight deportations in the Hartford area. It launched a Community Rent Fund, to raise funds for our families in Hartford and avoid evictions in our immigrant community. 

Recommended by Rhonda

This is a well-established national organization. It is the largest voter contact organization in the country. Its mission: Get Democrats to vote.  

Founded in 2015 to fill a void in Democratic strategy—the lack of an organization 100% focused on targeted field conversations in highly competitive House and Senate races, instead of pouring

money into ineffective TV ads. Supports grassroots candidates who run in tough races in battleground states. Take a look at the PTP website and consider supporting their ongoing efforts. Very impressive.

Recommended by Heidi

The mission of Universal Health Care Foundation of CT is to accelerate the movement for health justice for everybody because health is a human right and core to social justice and equity. In this past legislative session, UHC partnered with HUSKY 4 Immigrants to successfully pass health care legislation for undocumented children up to age 8, and for pregnant women the first year after delivery. Help create a vibrant network of informed, trained and motivated organizations and individuals issuing the clarion call for policymakers to enact legislation and regulation to “bend the arc” in the direction of universal health care. 

Recommended by Jane

In the last five years, Sister District:

  • Raised $4,243,691 directly for candidates 

  • Made 1,385,851 phone calls

  • Sent 1,003,616 text messages 

  • Knocked 96,493 doors

  • Written 939,813 postcards

  • Elected over 70 state legislators

The next five years will be just as pivotal for our country as the last. We’re committed to staying in the fight, and it starts with the 2022 midterms. If you agree that our democracy is worth fighting for, help us expand our work in 2022 with a gift today! The money we raise now will go directly to our 2022 programming, kickstarting our work organizing volunteers, persuading voters, and driving Democratic turnout up and down the ticket.