Help alleviate the immense needs created by COVID-19

among our immigrant, refugee, and undocumented neighbors.

Covid-19 has impacted us all, but it has especially impacted immigrants, refugees, and undocumented residents  who live among us. Although they pay federal, state, and local taxes, they have not been eligible for any (or limited) financial assistance. Many are living in or working in conditions that put them at higher risk of getting COVID-19. Some have limited access to health care, as well as certain underlying medical conditions.

Progressive Women has a special connection with immigrants because our group was founded in July 2018 following the policy of separation of families at the border. We raised almost $2000 for the International Rescue Committee.


Now we are embarking on raising money for immigrants, refugees, and undocumented residents right here in Greater Hartford.

We offer two suggestions, the Connecticut Immigration and Refugee Coalition (CIRC), and Hartford Deportation Defense. Please consider each of these worthy organizations and give generously.

About the Connecticut Immigration and Refugee Coalition
CIRC is a statewide advocacy and policy group for immigrants and refugees. It was a major partner in lobbying for $2.5 million in State money for the undocumented who are ineligible for Federal relief funds--the only state in the US to do so. The CIRC coalition consists of representatives from all of the major immigrant groups in CT. CIRC  has received $25,000 from The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving and from that distributed $500 gift cards to families for food, clothing, and rent.

About the Hartford Deportation Defense (HDD)

This is our opportunity to donate directly to people in need. HDD is an immigrant-led community group to fight deportations in the Hartford area. It launched a Community Rent Fund, to raise funds for our families in Hartford and avoid evictions in our immigrant community. 

Donation Notes

CIRC: You can also forward a personal check to "Connecticut Immigrant and Refugee Coalition" at 40 Woodland Street Hartford 06105, and include “immigrant rent support” in the memo line.

HDD: Write "Rent Fund" in the field asking if this is for a particular project. Please indicate your donation is from Progressive Women.